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Our commitment by your side: to help you bring us water.



L'eau produite est conforme aux normes de l'Organisation Mondiale de la Santé pour l'eau potable. Elle est aussi certifiée par les autorités sanitaires Européennes.

We provide advice in the purchase of atmospheric water machines.


To carry out our advice, our company has evaluated and chosen the best factories:


  • Sourcing approach to establish an audit of factories.

  • Then we personally visit the factories.

  • Requirement of CE and ISO standards.

  • Quality certificates, including the specifications of the customer's needs.

  • Verification of manufacturing and delivery times.

  • Factory price negotiations.


Moreover :

Our procedures with carriers. allow us to offer the best solutions, with  management of all elements of embarkation, disembarkation, customs and taxes.


The manufacturing time is approximately 1.5 months.   


Our after-sales service team, specially trained by the factory on these machines, will be in charge of installing the machine and checking its working order.

Very easy video tutorials are offered to the requesting customer.

Remember that the factories offer:

- a 2-year factory warranty: in the event of a breakdown, the factory, after consultation with the after-sales service representative, undertakes to supply the parts necessary for the maintenance, repair or, if necessary, the replacement of the machine.

By the way, factories claim the absence ofproblems for 4 - 5 years.


- a video assistance guarantee from the factory, allowing the after-sales service representative to maintain the machine,


- the factory also guarantees the delivery of filters (approximately every 2 years) to be paid for by the customer.

Il existe plusieurs types de machines fournissant de 10 litres à 100 000 litres d'eau
par 24 heures.

Les produits sélectionnés évoluent, avec toujours le souci de répondre à votre besoin de satisfaire le rapport qualité-prix de VOS clients.

Les machines mises en photo représentent celles qui nous sont le plus demandées. Les besoins sont variables d'une région du monde à une autre.


Machine à eau atmosphérique 10 l/24 h
Machine à eau atmosphérique 100 l/24 h
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