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Why does this shortage interest us so much?

Dominique BOUR, Doctor of Medicine, I got to know the areas of drought and their impact on the population: hygiene, diseases, behavioral problems.

My knowledge of machines by studying the different international markets, their use, their harmlessness and their efficiency, allows me to encourage people to buy those that have the best value for money.

Nous nous sommes unis pour former une société de conseil.

Nous sélectionnons les usines, après en avoir répertorié et évalué plus de 500 notamment Chine, Inde, Corée, Pakistan, Emirats, Espagne, Suisse, Mexique, nous avons sélectionné les meilleures.

Nous négocions les meilleurs prix. 

Nous sélectionnons les  transporteurs les plus fiables.

We are working on the consequences of drought all over the world and especially its progression in France since 2020.

We have explored in a detailed, precise and objective way the different solutions and their relevance according to local situations.

Our assessments are the result of an observation of very diverse situations, studied all over the world.

Because we have a solution.

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