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our selection

You are the buyers, it's up to you to choose from our selection.


We had the Chinese companies audited to be sure of their reliability and their ability to supply a sufficient number of good quality machines.

We sent a technician on site to train the after-sales service team.

The factories we have selected:

- must have international certificates, and the CE for importation into France.

- they offer a 2-year guarantee and technical support in collaboration with the after-sales service in place (installation, inspection, change of filters, possible interventions).

We were able to obtain exclusive contracts, requiring a quota of orders, for France and the Indian Ocean, resulting in a strong partnership with these factories and better negotiations.

On the other hand, as we have indicated, the orders will have to be grouped  to achieve a certain volume, because any individual order has a significant additional cost.


Si ces machines ont généralement un fonctionnement satisfaisant, il nous faut également comparer et vérifier :


- Le débit effectif de l'eau produite,

- la consommation électrique,

- la qualité des composants principaux,

- le niveau de décibels,

- la qualité et la sécurité des composants et montage électrique,

- l'encombrement des machines,

- la taille des réservoirs,

- la possibilité d'être alimenté en énergie tel groupe électrogène, ou photovoltaïque,

- la qualité esthétique,

- la robustesse.

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